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Greetings from the Principal, Lady Shri Ram College for Women (LSR), a premier educational institution of the University of Delhi.

With its focus on academic excellence, its collaboration with universities across the globe through its international programmes, its efforts to connect with the community at large and its stress on extra-curricular and co-curricular activities, LSR is a unique institution in the comity of colleges in the University of Delhi.

LSR is not merely an established training ground for women achievers but also prides itself on having a professionally committed faculty which has been working tirelessly to take this institution to its pinnacle of glory.

LSR is imbued with the sterling spirit of its founder Late Sir Shri Ram, who despite his very humble beginnings not only displayed a high degree of enterprise in creating a big industrial house but was also a close associate of the leading lights of the Indian national freedom struggle. He, as President of FICCI in 1930, was instrumental in FICCI passing a resolution that it would not send a representative if the famous ‘Roundtable’ was not attended by Mahatma Gandhi. His commitment to the cause of education was not merely philanthropic but was more importantly, a patriotic vision of nation building. He was thus made a member of the seven-member committee of the Planning Commission that laid the blueprint for technical education in the First Five Year Plan.

This institution is fortunate in receiving continued liberal support and commitment from the family of Sir Shri Ram and thus has prospered to become an institution of repute in the University of Delhi.

Education is the fulcrum of life, for peace, progress and development. It provides seedlings for culture and civilization. It is a passport to freedom and liberty and a higher calling in life. In the post-colonial era, education along with health, which are central to the contemporary debate on human development indicators, were recognized by development economists as a ‘human right’. Further, the modern day economists who are imbued with the spirit of liberal democracy collected evidence to prove that greater literacy and educational achievements of disadvantaged groups can increase their ability to resist oppression and politically organise themselves for a fairer deal. Hon’ble Supreme Court of India made a historic addition to the right to life enshrined in the Indian constitution (Article 21) to include therein the right to education, to take this debate to a higher pedestal.

With such criticality and importance attached to education, serving an institution of higher learning for women in an essentially illiberal and patriarchal society is a unique opportunity and challenge for the LSR community. We are at a historical juncture in the march of education and knowledge whence technology has provided a cutting edge and fast paced, easy access to information and knowledge. We, therefore, need to constantly update ourselves to maintain the high standards of this institution and disseminate education and knowledge to the future women achievers of the nation. We expect that our students will join this solemn venture with their youthful vigour and a spirit of enquiry.

Dr. Suman Sharma

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