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We strongly advise you to read the specific sections carefully on the website which will provide you with the information you need.

For further queries, contact us at lsrc@lsr.edu.in.


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We seek to provide students with detailed information but it is advisable for students to buy the Prospectus that is available at the admissions counter towards the end of May/early June.. The Fee Structure which changes from year to year is available only in the Prospectus. The Prospectus can be sent by post if the appropriate cost and postal charges are sent to us by bank draft in the name of Principal, Lady Shri Ram College for Women, (preferably Punjab National Bank).

The Admissions Requirements and the Admission Procedure pages give details of the requirements and procedures for admission to various courses. The revised 4-year Undergraduate Programme has been fully described to enable prospective students to make an informed choice. Please check individual pages on the website for the latest information. The best way to decide your chance to join LSR College is to read through carefully all the pages under the 'Admissions' link on the home page. This includes Admission Requirements, Admissions Procedure, Cut Offs, Academic Calendar, Evaluation and On Campus Housing. You will find the links to these pages on the Site Map.

Application Procedure

It is mandatory for all students to apply for admission on the University of Delhi admission form (either online at www.du.ac.in or offline at designated colleges and post offices). For further details, please check the University of Delhi website. No student can be considered for admission if she has not filled the University admission form.

In addition, all students who would like to be considered for admission to LSR, are advised to meet the Pre-Admission Counselling unit, set up in the College either personally or through a representative. This will help the student make her choices and facilitate the admission process. The Pre-Admission Counselling unit will function between 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m., Monday to Friday, from June 03, 2013 to June 14, 2013.

Q: What courses does LSR offer?
A: The wide range of subjects and courses in the Honours programme includes:

B.A. Honours in Economics, English, Hindi, History, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Sanskrit and Sociology,  B.Sc. Honours in Mathematics and Statistics., B.Com. Honours in Commerce and Professional Courses in Elementary Education, Journalism & Mass Communication and a One Year Diploma course in Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding.

Q: Is any pre-course reading required?
A: No we do not expect students to do any specific pre-course reading but obviously it is advisable to be prepared for your course. We thus advise students to come for the orientation, which will help them gain a better perspective on what they should expect for the next four years.

Q. What is the minimum percentage criteria for admission to LSR?
A. The minimum percentage required varies across different courses. The previous year’s cut -off percentages are indicative of the following year’s minimum requirements but may be subject to an increase. 

Q. What kind of admission tests will be conducted for Journalism Course?
A. This year there is no entrance test for the English, Journalism & Mass Communication honours courses.

Q. Is the cut-off percentage different for students residing outside Delhi?
A. Cut-off is the same for all regions in India except OBC/ST/Sc candidates who have separate cut-offs.

Q. Are the first lists taken out on the basis of merit or on a first come first basis?
A. The lists are taken out strictly on the basis of merit only.

Q. What were the last year's (2012-13) cut-off percentages?
A. Last year's cut-off percentages are available from the Cut Offs link.

Q. Is there an entrance test for B.A. (Hons.) Economics?
A. No, there's no entrance test for B.A. (Hons.) Economics.

Q: When will the lists be released?
A: The exact dates will be made available during the months of May-June. Please see the Important Dates for Admission on the Admission Procedure page.

Note: You can also seek help at the Admission Counselling Unit in LSR.  

Q. What is the procedure for Admission to MA Courses.

A. Applicants wishing to join LSR College for MA Courses are required to get themselves registered with the concerned department of Delhi University (South Campus). Details are available on the DU Website www.du.ac.in

Overseas Students and others who may have qualified through Indian/Foreign Boards

Q. May I join LSR College if I have completed the International Baccalaureate or other equivalent programme?

A. Yes. Admission requests from students who have undergone the International Baccalaureate programme/other equivalent programme are accepted. Our admission process starts in early June and completes by end Jun every year. During this period it is advisable for the student to be present in Delhi.

The Admissions Procedure page on our website gives details of the admissions requirements for overseas students who may be Indian/Foreign nationals including for those who may have qualified through an Indian/Foreign Board. .

We entertain the predicted grades as a basis for admission provisionally, subject to merit, vacancies for the course selected.

There are no vacancies reserved for any category in LSR except OBC category.

In case of delay in publishing of the IB results beyond 30 Jun, a confidential assessment of the candidate's capabilities, expected grades and chances of passing the IB programme are required to be sent by the Principal of the prospective student's school/college, to our College Principal, latest by 30 Jun.

We offer only a Bachelor of Arts programme. The list of courses which qualify for admission is included in the Admission Form which may be downloaded from the website as a guide. There is no requirement for prospective students to approach the Foreign Students Adviser if they are an Indian nationals.

The cut-off percentages for various courses should also be seen to assess whether you may gain admission to LSR. The IB Grades are converted to percentages in accordance with the guidelines laid down by the University of Delhi. (www.du.ac.in) given below.

Equation of the Grade/Point System

University of Delhi

(Information Section)

Formula/equation of the grade point average awarded in examinations such as Cambridge School Certificate Examination/Malayan/Overseas/African G.C.E./Examination School Certificate Examination and/or 12th Grade Examination of the American Embassy School, New Delhi with the percentage of marks as are awarded in the Higher Secondary Examination of the Central Board of Secondary Examination, New Delhi, for the purpose of admission to different Courses in the Delhi University:









































The admission giving authority may calculate according to this conversion table (A.C. Reso. No. 319 dated 22.3.1976)

(Please note that the above notification is a copy of the Delhi University notification on the subject and any clarification required may be obtained from Delhi University.)

Medium of Instructions

Q. What is the medium of instructions at LSR?

A.  English is the medium of instructions for all courses (except for Hindi & Sanskrit). It is compulsory to include English marks in the 'best four' aggregate required for admission. For admission in Sanskrit, a student has the option of including any language other than English in her ‘best four’ total.

Q. Are the admission forms available online or can they be sent by post?

A. This year it is mandatory for all students to apply for admission on the University of Delhi admission form (either online at www.du.ac.in or offline at designated colleges and post offices). For further details, please check the University of Delhi website. No student can be considered for admission if she has not filled the University admission form.

Q: How many hostel rooms does LSR have?

A: LSR has a total of 300 hostel seats and it is advisable for all out-station students to come early and make alternative arrangements should they not get a place in the hostel. We receive over 2000 applications for accommodation and it is therefore not possible to accommodate all the applicants. There are several good paying guest accommodation available near the College campus.

Q: On what basis is a hostel seat allotted?

A: It is strictly allotted on the basis of merit and need.

Q: How do I apply for a hostel room?

A: There are very limited seats available in the Residence Hall. All applicants are therefore well advised to make alternate arrangements. The Residence Hall Admission Procedures will begin only after the First List Admission is over. This is likely to be towards the end of June, 2013. For every Department a limited, fixed number of seats are available. Depending on the strength of the Department, this number varies between 2 and 4. Application details are available on the Housing on Campus link.

Q: What is the fee structure for my course?
A: Please check the Prospectus for the fee structure for the year of admission. This is generally available towards the end of May/eraly June.

Q: Are there any scholarships available?
A: There are a limited number of prizes and scholarships available on the basis of merit. Please check the Prospectus and Admission Procedure page for further details.

Q: Could you please give me my sociology teacher’s contact details?
A: Due to security concerns, we do not generally divulge the Faculty’s contact address or details. You may however make a special request by emailing us and providing us particulars. We will then consider it on merit.

Q: I have applied for Economics (Hons) and I was wondering about my Faculty?
A: The Faculty list is shown on the Departments pages. During admissions, you will be given an opportunity to interact with some of your Faculty.

We have a separate Alumna website www.lsralumna.org. We therefore request all LSR graduates to sign up and stay connected! Please click the Alumna link on our Home page.

Q: How do I contact my classmate, e.g. Journalism (Hons) Batch of 1999?
A: You may use the A
lumna Directory to search for a friend or colleague, after you have registered yourself on the Alumna website.

Q: When will my first year semester results be declared?
A: Delhi University declares subject wise results usually in the months of June and July. It is a centralized process and does usually take 2-3 months for evaluation. The results have to be seen on the College Notice Board and are not available online

Q: Are there any administrative positions available?
A: All vacant positions administrative or otherwise are posted on the 'Vacancies at LSR' link. Information regarding the qualifications required and interview dates may be obtained from this link.

The Delhi University has introduced the Semester system of study in Delhi University colleges from the academic year 2011-12. In 2012 all first and second year students will be on the Semester system. Only third year students will be on the annual system.  

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